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Player Age Team Ground Date Match
DB Walkington 20y 46d Ireland Birkenhead 12 Mar 1887 Details
FJ McIndoe 20y 329d Scotland Cardiff 9 Jan 1886 Details
AWC Cameron 20y 360d Scotland Edinburgh 26 Feb 1887 Details
JP Veitch 21y 118d Scotland Newport 12 Jan 1884 Details
PR Harrower 21y 357d Scotland Glasgow 10 Jan 1885 Details
HB Tristram 22y 122d England Leeds 5 Jan 1884 Details
TW Fry 22y 157d England Blackheath 19 Feb 1881 Details
HFT Chambers 22y 258d Scotland Newport 4 Feb 1888 Details
AS Taylor 23y 9d England Swansea 16 Dec 1882 Details
DW Kidston 23y 98d Scotland Edinburgh 8 Jan 1883 Details

Player Age Team Ground Date Match
JWJ McDaniel 27y ?d Ireland Cardiff 12 Apr 1884 Details

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No. 8
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Substitute (excluding unused substitute)
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Only the player's first appearance listed; Only includes matches where the player starts in the respective position, and excludes matches as a substitute.

Records include the following current or recent matches:
Scotland v Wales at Edinburgh, Home Nations, Feb 2, 1889 [0G-0G FT]
Ireland v Wales at Lansdowne Road, Home Nations, Mar 3, 1888 [2G-0G FT]
Ireland v Wales at Birkenhead, Home Nations, Mar 12, 1887 [0G-1G FT]